Well its that time of year again - Christmas and New Year has passed and it's time to start thinking about the year ahead!!

For many that means it is time to start organising the kids for Back to School and one of the top items on the list is new school shoes.

Your child can spend up to 40 hours per week in their school shoes which equates to approximately 1500 hours per year so it is important their school shoes are correct and aid their growth and development.


Here are some tips to make sure your child starts the year on the right foot (pun intended!):

It's important that your child is measured correctly for their shoes - making sure both feet are measured as they can be different sizes. The shoe should have a width and depth that matches their foot and their toes end a thumbs width from the end of the shoe.

Make sure the shoes have a firm heel counter so they are not able to be pushed down. They should only flex at the toes and ensure they don't twist easily. A leather upper and non slip sole are also important features to look for as a good quality shoe will always last longer.

The shoes should have a secure fastening mechanism such as laces or velcro - this will ensure the shoes stay on themselves and the foot does not have to overwork to keep the shoe on.

Consider what activities your child will be doing in the shoes. There are plenty of shoes on the market that are appropriate for an active child that loves to run around at lunchtime but still meet school uniform requirements.


A professional shoe fitter will ensure all the above points are considered and the appropriate style is selected. To assist with this it is always a good idea to take your child in the afternoon to have their shoes fitted (feet change size over the course of a day) and take their school socks and orthotics if they wear any.

If you still have any concerns or queries about your children's footwear or notice the following:

*episodes of pain

*regular tripping/falling

*uneven shoe wear

*skin or toenail irritation

come in and visit one of our podiatrists for an assessment and have your questions answered.


Enjoy the rest of the school holidays!