With it being the beginning of Autumn (and Winter just around the corner) the weather will be soon cooling down.

Many people will soon be ditching their thongs and opened toe shoes/sandals for the warming comfort of an enclosed shoe. To help minimise any issues and keep your feet looking and feeling the best they can, here are a few helpful tips:


Good foot hygiene

As the weather cools, wearing socks or tights with your shoes will be more common. Keeping feet and toes tucked away in darkness will keep them warm and minimise chilblains but this is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi leading to problems such as tinea (Athlete's Foot). Therefore, it is important to properly clean and dry your feet daily, particularly between your toes to help prevent these infections. It is also important to wear a new pair of socks or tights daily and even consider changing them more frequently if your feet sweat a lot. Letting your shoes aerate over night will also help combat any problems.


Choosing the correct type of sock

When choosing the type of sock, choose a natural fibre such as cotton or wool to maintain a natural environment and therefore minimise an increase in bacteria and fungi. Some materials that are advertised as having moisture wicking properties may be more beneficial for you if you sweat a lot or work in a damp environment.


Good quality shoes

As with socks, shoe material is another important factor to consider. Well-made, supportive and well-fitted shoes go a long way in ensuring your feet are happy during the cooler months. They can also reduce complications like corns, ingrown toenails and fungal/bacterial infections. Shoes made from natural materials such as leather, are more breathable, durable and adaptable to the shape of your foot. Other materials, such as neoprene (wetsuit material) may not be as breathable, but very beneficial as it adapts well to the shape of your foot and good for those with bunions and hammer toes.


Look after your feet and they will take you anywhere!