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Melanie Freeman
Melanie Freeman Dip.Pod.M.A.Pod.A

After experiencing the benefits of podiatry as a teenager, Melanie Freeman used her high school work experience to confirm her choice of career as a podiatrist. Melanie completed her studies in 1997 and after moving to Wollongong, Melanie worked at two locations, Wollongong and Kiama. The opportunity arose in 1998 to purchase the Wollongong practice. A name change to Freeman Podiatry and Biomechanics saw the start of a new direction for the practice, focusing on biomechanics, with a keen interest in sports and paediatrics. Melanie is currently a member of the Australian Podiatry Council, Australasian Podiatry Association and Sports Medicine Australia. Melanie is an accredited podiatrist with over 16 years of clinical experience.

In 2010 Melanie and Naomi Williams started a partnership and opened the Freeman and Williams clinic in Shellharbour. This made our services available to the southern suburbs of the Illawarra. The two businesses have evolved further as Jason Bertao joined the partnership in 2015.

Naomi Williams
Naomi Williams B.App.Sc.(Pod),Hons.M.A.Pod.A

Naomi graduated with Honours from the University of Western Sydney in Campbelltown. After doing a placement with Freeman Podiatry whilst at university Naomi, a local girl, opted to stay in the area accepting a role with the clinic at the completion of her studies in 2005. Naomi has worked closely with the community at local retirement villages and hostels with her footcare services. She has also regularly attended local footwear stores for professional advice to customers. Continuing to work in her local area in 2010 Naomi in partnership with Melanie expanded their patient base by opening a podiatry practice in Shellharbour – Freeman & Williams Podiatry. Then in 2015, along with Jason Bertao, she also became a partner in the Wollongong clinic. Naomi’s professional experience has included all aspects of podiatry and she continues to enjoy it with particular interest in radiology, paediatrics, biomechanics, diabetes and general footcare.

Jason Bertao
Jason Bertao B.Hlth.Sc/Mst.Pod.Med.M.A.M.A.Pod.A

Born in Wollongong, Jason is an avid St. George IIIawarra Dragons supporter and enjoys cricket which he has played since a child. As a teenager Jason experienced a number of sports related lower limb pathologies such as shin splints which required podiatric intervention. Jason admired the client centred and holistic approach administered by his podiatrist, and as a result commenced a Bachelor of Health Science/Masters of Podiatric Medicine at the University of Western Sydney in 2010. Jason joined the team at both Freeman Podiatry & Biomechanics Wollongong and Freeman & Williams Podiatry Shellharbour in 2014 following a university placement in his final semester. In July of 2015 Jason became a business partner in both clinics alongside Melanie Freeman and Naomi Williams. During his studies, Jason trained under the guidance of many experienced podiatrists as well as podiatric surgeons, gaining valuable experience in all areas of podiatry. Jason aims to keep up to date with advancements in treatment protocols and new therapies available through attending yearly conferences, seminars and workshops. As a result Jason is up to date with the most current evidence-based podiatric interventions. Jason enjoys treating patients across all aspects of podiatry including general nail care, paediatrics, surgical podiatry, the diabetic foot and all aspects of sports podiatry including orthotic therapy and dry needling. Jason also does podiatry home visits to both existing and new clients.

Luke portrait
Luke Bertram B.Hlth.Sc.PodPod.A

Luke graduated from Charles Sturt University Albury in 2010 with a Bachelor degree in Health Science Podiatry and is a member of Australian Sports Medicine (ASM) and the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM). He has worked in a variety of public and private clinics covering the broad scope of Podiatry. Initially in the Podiatry department of Gosford Hospital treating high risk patients and working closely with orthopaedic and vascular surgeons for best treatment outcomes. Luke then moved to the UK where he worked in a number of NHS clinics across England while backpacking through Europe. Luke recently left a private practice in Queensland where there is a focus on the running athlete, with run technique coaching is provided alongside a Biomechanist part of the treatment process as well as integrating the right footwear. Luke has and still participates in a variety of sports including Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Football (soccer), touch Footy, CrossFit and even a bit of Netball. Naturally, he has a keen interest in sports related injuries to the lower limb with a particular focus in the running athlete. Having suffered numerous injuries in the past, he understands the athlete’s frustration when you are unable to take to the field, court or track. Luke assesses closely your current training regime to ensure your return to activity is as smooth a possible. The core of Luke’s assessment is to look at the body as one kinetic chain with the aid of slow motion capture technology to assist in identifying and managing specific biomechanical faults. As well as sports podiatry, Luke also performs general treatments, diabetes assessments, nail surgery and Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT).

Sarah Penrose
Sarah Penrose B.Hlth.Sc/Mst.Pod.Med.

Sarah has always had a passion to work in the health field from a young age. She built a strong understanding of the human body and was involved in teaching at the University of Western Sydney when she completed a Medical Science degree with honours in 2011. In 2015, Sarah successfully obtained her Bachelor of Health Science/Masters of Podiatric Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. This degree enriched her love of helping others through placements in hospitals and private clinics throughout Sydney, and as far as Hobart. She has developed a comprehensive grasp of all aspects of podiatry including sports/geriatric/paediatric/general biomechanics, nail and skin conditions, diabetes related foot problems and nail surgery. Sarah is enjoying working within the supportive team environment at both the Wollongong and Shellharbour practices. Sarah joined the team in 2016 and prides herself in always seeking to learn more and aims to provide the highest level of patient care.

Megan Vennstra
Megan Veenstra

Megan initially began her university studies in the field of Psychology after completing high school. Realising psychology wasn't for her but wanting to stay in the health field where she could work closely with people, Megan commenced her podiatric studies at the University of Western Sydney. Megan completed her Bachelor of Applied Sciences Podiatry degree in 2007, joining Freeman Podiatry and Biomechanics after a university placement with the team during her studies. Megan has recently rejoined the team in March 2016 after working in the UK for over 3 years. With 8 years of clinical experience in private podiatry practice both in Australia and in the UK, Megan has worked alongside surgeons and physiotherapists to bring a more holistic approach to her patients care. She enjoys all aspects of podiatry with a keen interest in dermatology, paediatrics and diabetes.



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